Meanwhile at the Oscars: Will Smith punches comedian Chris Rock after pranking his wife

Last night the Academy Awards aka the Oscars were awarded again and the big winner of the evening is the science fiction film Dune, which managed to get 6 frames. Yet another thing happened during the award ceremony that everyone will be talking about more than the prizes.

Will Smith punched presenter Chris Rock. This happened after Chris made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith's wife. Jada has alopecia that causes her hair to fall out. So she decided to shave her head.

Chris Rock commented that with her bald head, Jada was ready for a sequel to GI Jane, the film where Demi Moore shaved her head in 1997. Will Smith swept up the stage and lashed out at Chris Rock. It was thought for a while that it was a premeditated joke, but that is not the case.

You should never underestimate people as you can see in this video

Spartak Trnava vs Slovan Bratislava match halted by fighting supporters

On Sunday, October 17, the game Spartak Trnava vs Slovan Bratislava was scheduled in Slovakia. A loaded game, as both teams were fighting for first place in the competition. Only this match lasted only 15 minutes. A fight broke out on the field between supporters. No fight with a few ticks, but slightly heavier actions such as head kicks and the like. It's actually more of a course on how to disadvantage and embarrass your club. The police had to be called in to stop the violence. It is possible that Spartak Trnava loses this unfinished game automatically, because they were unable to prevent fans from entering the field.

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