Ramadan 2022: I Think The Best Ramadan Ever!

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24 for millions of Muslims worldwide, the fast month of Ramadan starts. A month of traditional fasting and breaking of the fast to go to the mosque with family and friends.

But due to the corona crisis, this year will be a sober Ramadan. In the Netherlands, mosques are closed and large gatherings such as an iftar are prohibited. How is that in the Islamic world? Our correspondents talk about Ramadan in their region.


Middle East
Ramadan is the month for big dinners, charities and the gathering of family and friends. In almost all countries in the Middle East there is a closure and many mosques are closed. People should not gather for evening prayer, an important moment for Muslims. Some mosques are looking for creative solutions, such as online meetings.


Correspondent Daisy Mohr lives in Beirut, where Ramadan is celebrated every year. "Here in Lebanon there are some Ramadan decorations on the street this year, but it's not like before," she says. "During the lockdown everyone has to be in at 7 pm, but during Ramadan we get an extra hour. You see that in more countries in the region."


In Ramadan there is a wide range of Ramadan soaps in many Islamic countries: series that are made especially for the iftar, breaking the fast after sunset. "But that also looks different this year. Due to the corona crisis, many production houses in Lebanon and Syria manufactured the filming and the assembly of the soaps will stop. It will end halfway."

Date Ramadan 2022

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Ramadan 2022 is expected to start from.... #Rmadan2022 #Ramazan2022

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