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Man Gets Too Close To Orangutan In Zoo

Published on 8 June 2022 at 11:59

Man gets too close to Orangutan in zoo
Orangutans are a genus of great apes and are currently only found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Of course these monkeys can also be found in zoos and the advice is always not to get too close to such a cage. At least if a cage has bars and not thick glass.

And this gentleman has now also found out, because he clearly came too close and was grabbed by an Orangutan. Looks like the man has escaped his assailant. For sure this is going to be the most viewed and forwarded video of the day.

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On Sunday, October 17, the game Spartak Trnava vs Slovan Bratislava was scheduled in Slovakia. A loaded game, as both teams were fighting for first place in the competition. Only this match lasted only 15 minutes. A fight broke out on the field between supporters. No fight with a few ticks, but slightly heavier actions such as head kicks and the like. It's actually more of a course on how to disadvantage and embarrass your club. The police had to be called in to stop the violence. It is possible that Spartak Trnava loses this unfinished game automatically, because they were unable to prevent fans from entering the field.

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